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July 4th Ice Cubes

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July 4th Ice Cubes | Bringing out the juicy flavor of the Red, White and Blue!

I must confess that I have never made patriotic ice cubes before … until today.  Oh, my goodness!  This little experiment was so much fun.  I will be making these frozen little orbs for every patriotic holiday from now on! I did not use any food coloring for these ice cubes.  Instead, they are made up of actual fruit beverages and sports drinks.  I chose my selection based on patriotic colors and summer flavors – such as watermelon, cherry, etc.  You can use any color/flavor combination that you prefer!

I made a variety of July 4th Ice Cubes – two batches of blue (different colors), clear ones, and the vibrant red cubes. The red ones were made with the V-8 Splash Watermelon Cherry Juice.  The blue ice cubes were made using V-8 Splash Blue Raspberry and a Gatorade Love of Sports drink.  These were the colors and flavors I chose; however, any colorful drinks you prefer should do nicely.  My thinking was that the Watermelon flavored drink would be perfect for the hot summer months.  Additionally, for those people that had just played a hard sports game out in the heat – they might prefer to replenish their fluids with a Gatorade drink.

It is very easy to make these July 4th Ice Cubes when you have the right tools.  And by “tools”, I mean the right Ice Trays.  The OXO Good Grips Ice Trays are wonderful.  They are quality made, with a high-gloss finish (I think this is why those little cubes pop out so easily).  The silicone tray cover is something that I did not miss … until I had one.  This cover slides on and off so easily – really keeps the ice cubes fresh and allows for easy stacking in the freezer.

Simply pour the drinks in the ice cube trays, cover, and place in the freezer for a few hours. Soon you will have the most colorful and patriotic ice cubes you have ever seen!  I plan on doing this for other holidays as well – such as Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

Not only does this presentation look colorful and patriotic, but it also serves another important purpose.  By using ice cubes that are flavored with the juice you are actually drinking, your drink does not become watered down.  Once the ice melts in your glass, it is juice – not water.  The exception to that logic is the clear ice cubes, of course.  The clear ice cubes are made from regular or bottled water.

Whether you want to serve your ice cubes in a casual bowl, an ice chest, or a fancy crystal ice tub … the results will be be the same – spectacular!  This colorful presentation for cooling down a summer drink is perfect for our nation’s birthday, which is pretty spectacular in itself.  Happy July 4th everyone!

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