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Joie Devil Oven Pull

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Joie Devil Oven Pull

I am about to tell you a sad Tale; however, don’t despair.  This story has a very good ending.  It all started with a mishap in the kitchen, and as the days unfolded, I soon became friends with the Devil.  Well, not “that” Devil, but the Joie Devil Oven Pull.  Always wearing a big smile on his face, he has proven to be a great friend in the kitchen.  With his silly grin and bright red skin, he always stands out from all my other kitchen tools.  Locating him is not hard to do!

I have been baking and cooking for many decades now, and truth be told … I have managed to burn myself a few times during the process.  While I always try to be careful, accidents do happen.  Most of my burns have been small (such as a spot on a finger, etc.)  That was not the case a couple of months ago.  I was baking a roast, and when I went to take out the large pan … my forearm hit one of the oven racks.  To say it was painful is an understatement! Never had I suffered a cooking burn that big and painful.

Joie Devil Oven Pull Packaging | Can't live without this!This burn was so severe that it made me ponder over the current tools I was using when taking hot items in and out of the oven. Obviously, I use the standard oven mitts, gloves, etc. None of them actually prevented this mishap, as the burn was on my inside forearm. Once that oven door is open, it requires a long reach. Knowing that I could not grow longer arms, I vowed to find a solution!

In walks the Joie Devil Oven Pull.  I had never heard of it before, and stumbled across it by accident.  Still healing from my burn, I thought “Why not?”  I was skeptical it would work, but am happy to report that I was wrong.  I needed something that would extend my arm’s reach, preventing me from literally leaning so deep into the oven.  The Joie Devil Oven Pull does just that – it safely pulls hot bakeware and oven racks closer.  I also found it to be helpful in pushing some of my more lightweight dishes “in” the oven.

Joie Devil Oven Pull - Retrieving the Rack. No more burned hands or arms!The Joie Devil Oven Pull is not that expensive (less than $6.00).  Fun and functional, it takes up very little storage space.  I keep mine near the oven, and that red smiling face reminds me that I need to use it each and every time I bake!  Never did I imagine that such a devilish kitchen tool could turn into such a major problem solver – but it has.  Since using it, I have not suffered one more oven burn.  Me and lil’ Joie Devil are now friends for life!

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