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J. Alexander’s Restaurant Review – Tampa

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Since I believe good food deserves to be shared, I am going to share our recent experience at J. Alexander’s in Tampa, FL.  My husband and I went, along with two dear friends – Jim and Nancy – on a Friday night. We made reservations for 6:45 PM.  I can say, without a doubt, that on this particular Friday evening, everything went perfectly.

We arrived on time for our reservation, and we did not have to wait for a table. They took us immediately. We did not have to wait outside, buy a drink … all we had to do was walk straight to the table.  Score one for J. Alexander’s.

The staff was busy; however, they were not so busy that they left us feeling abandoned or in-wait. Smiles were everywhere, from the waitresses to the drink-servers. They explained the menu, checked on us throughout our dinner, and even managed to take a few photos of us (per our request.) All of this was done with enthusiasm and friendliness. And, no, they did not know that I was going to be writing a blog post about our experience. Score two for J. Alexander’s.

Our food was excellent. There is no other way to say it.  Everything we ordered came out picture perfect, but more importantly – it tasted fantastic. The calamari was exquisitely tender and golden-brown.  We took one bite of it and looked at each other in amazement. I don’t know what we expected, but as Jim said, “it is the best I have ever tasted.”  Score three for J. Alexander’s. At this point, the entire evening was a home-run.

In case you are wondering … I don’t work for J. Alexander’s, nor am I being paid to write this review.  Please take my opinion for what it is worth – it is simply a tale of four friends going out on a Friday night. We had a wonderful evening, which can only be accomplished when you have these essential ingredients:

  • friends
  • laughter
  • and good food

We supplied the first two ingredients; J. Alexander’s stepped up and supplied the third. We mixed it all up, and the end result was a masterpiece.

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