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In Season: Sweet Cherries

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In Season | Sweet Cherries | Enjoy them now, for the selling season does not last long!

I’m always excited when that special time of year rolls around – when cherries are ripe for the picking, and waiting for us at the local farmers market.  Since we can’t pick cherries here in Florida, I have to buy this super fruit at a local store.  As I was grocery shopping yesterday, the produce section was ablaze with a magnificent display of vivid, red cherries.  I picked up a surplus of them, as I am keenly aware that the cherry season does not last for very long!

From what I have been learning about cherries, it appears these fiery red orbs are loaded with “anthocyanins”.  Anthocyanins are a type of flavonoid, with possible anti-inflammatory benefits.  Found naturally in a number of foods, anthocyanins are the pigments that give red, purple, and blue plants their rich coloring.  They act as antioxidants and may help in fighting free radicals.

Even though cherries are only in season for a few months, the good news is that you can enjoy eating sprinkles, dried fruit, and nourishing snacks all year long.  Right now; however, they are very much in season – and I am relishing in their goodness!

When choosing your fruit, look for firm and glossy skinned cherries – free of blemishes, bruises or cuts.  The stems should be a bright green color, which is an indicator of freshness.  If you end up with too many cherries to eat at one time, don’t fret.  Cherries actually freeze very well.

You might want to check out this great Top 50 Cherry Recipes Cookbook. It is loaded with amazing recipes for baked goods – as well as chutneys and salsas – that go well with a wide variety of meats!

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