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In a Twinkling Tabletop

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Christmas | In a Twinkling Tabletop

This “In a Twinkling Tabletop” is the perfect place for family and friends to gather together during the holiday season.  It is a naturally elegant setting – with little reindeer sitting near a table runner made of intertwined greenery.  With little Christmas lights twinkling within, birds are seen frolicking among the holly berries.  An assorted blend of colorful ornaments winds down the length of the table, highlighting the china and beautiful crystal.

Make the most of your seasonal decorating by layering elements with a common theme.  In this holiday tablescape, a grouping of ruby and green glassware helps to set a mood that is heartily echoed by the vivid colors of a classic tartan tablecloth.  The green glasses are from the Whitehall pattern.

Tablescapes | Fostoria American Goblet and Whitehall Cooler

The beautiful clear crystal Goblets, with the hex foot, are from the Fostoria American pattern.  Some of my most favorite pieces of glassware, they reflect the light beautifully.  Their many facets of glass will reflect whatever color is around them.  The green Whitehall glasses are festive, and are slightly different than Whitehall’s often-seen “Olive” color.  This duet really works well together, and makes the table come to life with gleaming crystal and vibrant greens.

Classic red napkins, edged with gold thread, adorned each place setting.  The red color worked beautifully with the tablecloth, and the gold edging offered a touch of class and elegance.

In order to keep the tablescape from appearing too formal, the choice of china was a simple holiday pattern.  The placement of a little green bowl – holding a Fostoria Ruby Sherbet – was positioned on each plate.  A country rattan charger sitting atop a simple green placemat was enough to complete each place setting – echoing the rustic charm of the setting.

I had fun with the place card holders this year.  I was having a hard time deciding between two different styles of card holders, for each was darling by themselves.  I had made Candy Cane Place Card Holders last year, and it was difficult to choose between them and the more durable reindeer holders.  I decided on the cute reindeer, for they were more suited to my rustic and natural theme.  Regarding the actual place cards, I simply found a graphic I liked on my computer … typed out the individual names, and printed them on card stock.  It was easy to do and they slipped into the grooves of the reindeer with ease!

Christmas | Tablescape | In a Twinkling Tabletop

The Ruby Sherbets were made by Fostoria Glass – the Jamestown pattern. They really added a festive and final touch to the merry and bright arrangement.  The Fostoria American Goblets  were also quite magical.  With the scattered Christmas lights positioned near them, their facets and prisms reflected the holiday lights with glee.  If the stringed lights were set on a random setting, the colors would change – and so would the color of the glasses!

We really enjoyed the ambiance of this tablescape in the evening hours.  It was quite festive and a great way to set the stage for a wonderful dinner. The entire table was all that glitters!

It is always so enjoyable to bring warmth and joy to our home during the holidays.  Whether your style is lush and lavish, fun and quirky, or simply sophisticated … I hope this post will inspire you to be creative in your own home.  The best holidays are those that are relaxed, as you welcome family and friends.  Happy Holidays!

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