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Hutch Decorating Ideas for Autumn

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Hutch Decorating Ideas

With the fall season at our doorstep, I thought it was time to refresh our kitchen hutch with the colors of the changing season. I was excited about the update; however, my creative juices were not flowing.  For whatever reason, I was having a difficult time knowing where to start, and how to implement my plan.  In my bewilderment, my eyes wondered.  They came to rest on a beautiful picture hanging next to our hutch. Finally, my inspiration was born!

The very first thing I did was take inventory of the dish cabinet.  I grabbed anything and everything that had a gold, amber, green, or brown hue.  From there I played with the dishes to see what would look good on the shelves.  I had to go through a few variations before I found the right combination.

Hutch Decorating Ideas - using a painting as inspiration.

The painting itself is very vivid, with earthy colors and striking textures.  The subject matter is that of trees and lush landscaping, so I took a decorating lesson from this beautiful piece of art.  Using the colors displayed in the painting, I duplicated them in elements for the hutch.

With a mixture of flea-market finds, treasured gifts from family and friends, and some quality vintage glassware, I was on my way to getting the autumn look I was going for.

For glassware, I brought in my trusted Whitehall pieces – rich in amber color.  I added Sherbets from that pattern as well, and they looked perfect against a stark white linen.  The contrast between the two elements worked beautifully.  Old Fostoria plates that my sister gave me, dishes from my parents, and a few other pieces completed the look.

Hutch Decorating Ideas - Hazelnuts

I have Mason Jars full of different types of lentils, beans, and corn kernels … so I retrieved them for a harvest and country look.  I have used these same containers for years!  As long as you keep them in a glass container, and seal them well, they should keep for a very long time.  Every year I bring them out, saving me time and money at the store.  I do the same with my hazelnuts!  The nuts are a beautiful autumn color, and they add some extra texture to the setting.

Hutch Decorating Ideas - Green Stemware

Since the cabinet is dark wood, I decided to go with plates that had a white background. This contrast between dark and light makes everything look better.  From there, the colored glassware went in front of the white dishes … again, allowing for the pops of color to shine.  If I had put the green glasses in front of the dark wood, the end result would not have been the same.

The design in the Ironstone Petite Flora dishware echoes the colors of the painting perfectly, with variations of yellow, gold, and green.  Different patterns of green stemware stood proudly in front of the display.

Luckily for me, all the dishes and stemware I currently owned were perfect matches for the colors and tones in the artwork.  No dishes were bought for this project!  I was also able to finally use a few solo pieces that I had laying around (flea market finds that did not belong to any particular set).

Hutch Decorating IdeasThe morale of this story is that sometimes you will find inspiration in the strangest of places.  A painting that I am so used to passing and overlooking on a daily basis ended up providing me with greatest source of inspiration.  This was such an easy hutch makeover, and the beautiful autumn tones are warm and welcoming.  Look around your own home – for you might find inspiration waiting for you right around the corner … or, hanging prominently on the wall.

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