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How to Wash Grapes with Corn Starch

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Tips | Fruit | How to Wash Grapes with Corn Starch

You go to the store and pick out the freshest grapes one can find.  You take them home and put them in the refrigerator.  Soon thereafter, you decide to eat a few.  As you take the grapes out of the bag, you notice a white, waxy residue all over them. Unappetizing and dirty looking, you decide to wash them.  Stop right there!  Don’t just rinse them under water; wash your grapes with Corn Starch.  This is an incredible Tale, and you aren’t going to believe the results!

After a bit of research, I learned of the term “bloom”.  Bloom is found on grapes, apples, etc.  I had previously thought that all of the white film on grapes was pesticide residue and/or dirt.  While the grapes certainly do have an amount of these ingredients left on them, the majority of the white coating is merely scales of wax. The wax is excreted by the epidermal cells of the fruit.  The wax coating (bloom) helps preserve the fruit and reduce evaporation.  Lesson learned.

Tips | Fruit | This is what the grapes looked like before I washed them. Pesticide residue, dirt and wax ... oh my!

BEFORE cleaning.

The picture on the left is what my grapes looked like before I cleaned them.  These are fresh grapes, just purchased at the store.  Do you see the bloom on them? Even though I now understood why my grapes looked this way, I still wanted to clean off as much of the pesticide, dirt and wax as I possibly could.  Follow the steps below and you will see an amazing transformation of these grapes.  If I had not tested it out myself, I don’t know if I would have believed the results.

Okay, let’s begin!  We are going to clean these grapes using nothing but good ole’ water and Argo Corn Starch.  You will also need a large bowl, a tablespoon measure, and a colander.

Finally, there is one last thing we should discuss …

Grapes don’t do well, or stay preserved for long, if they are exposed to a lot of moisture. So, only wash the amount of grapes that you will be eating at one time.  Keep the others in the refrigerator, and wash them just prior to eating.  Make sure that the container you keep them in is well ventilated.  I use this one, and it works great for grapes (it’s the perfect shape).

You’ve got to admit – these grapes look so much better (not to mention appetizing) after they have had a quick bath.  This is such an easy method to clean grapes, taking mere minutes.  Give it a try.  I believe you will be pleased with the results!

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