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How to Take Corn off the Cob

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Cooking Tips | How to Take Corn off the Cob. So easy, and done in minutes!

You will not believe how easy it is to take corn off the cob with only a knife and a cake pan.  Either a Bundt pan or an Angel Food cake pan will do nicely.  Typically, the Angel Food cake pans have a larger opening – so they are perfect for holding larger ears of corn.  Either one will work; however, so the choice is up to you.  Give this easy method of taking corn off the cob a try.  It is easy to do, extremely efficient, and believe it or not – a lot of fun!

What you’ll need:
 Bundt (or Angel Food cake pan) and a knife.

  1. Place the cob on the center of the Bundt or Angel Food cake pan.
  2. Using a knife, slice downward along the sides of the cob to remove all the kernels.
  3. Scrape the back of the knife along the cob to release all the tasty juices.

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