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How to Reuse Spice Jars as Mini Vases

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How to Reuse Spice Jars | They can be used for a variety of purposes; however, one of my most favorite is as a tiny bud vase.

We do a lot of cooking in this household, and with that comes the usage of a variety of spices and herbs.  When those spices have been depleted, and all that we are left with is an empty bottle … we don’t despair.  Empty spice jars make wonderful little vases! When I use them for displaying flowers, I will often leave the label right on the bottle.  It depends on the style and condition of the label.  Labels with an old vintage look will remain; those that look tattered are removed.

Don’t discard the tops or lids of your spice jars.  Keep them with the bottle, as they make great little flower frogs!  A frog helps to keep your flowers upright and arranged.  The holes in the lids are just perfect for this, provided your dainty flowers have slim stems.  Some spice jar lids or tops have larger holes than others, so most will accommodate your needs.  Obviously, since spice jars are small vessels – the plants that go in them should be relative in size.  Large plants won’t work.

How to Reuse Spice Jars | When using as little vases, pick your flowers in the early morning hours - when they have the most moisture.The best time to pick your flowers or buds is in the early morning hours.  They seem to have the most moisture in them at that time. Depending of the type of flower you are cutting, some varieties will actually develop roots while sitting in water.  These little spice jars are great vessels for that purpose as well.  I use them to display flowers, and also for re-rooting purposes.

After inserting your stems, put them on display in indirect lighting.  Mine look adorable sitting on the windowsill, or as little floral arrangements for individual place settings at a dining table.  Because of their diminutive size, you can really use them just about anywhere!

So, when your spices run out … don’t worry.  Reuse the containers.  The jars will have a happy ending, and they will provide a wonderful beginning for a budding flower.

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