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How to Make Diaper Babies

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DIY | Baby Shower Gifts | How to Make Diaper Babies

These adorable little Diaper Babies are one of my most favorite DIY craft projects ever! Picking out all the soft and cuddly colors for the socks and washcloths was pure joy.  I have made dozens of Diaper Babies over the past year, and they are always well-received.  If you bring a basket of these little charmers to your next baby shower, plan on getting lots of smiles and hugs in return.  These useful gifts – socks, diapers, and washcloths – are rolled up in one adorable little Diaper Baby!

These are the materials you will need:

Optional Items:


The first thing you want to do is roll the diaper and secure it with a rubber band.  You can use plain rubber bands; however, I chose colorful ones because they looked playful and happy.  I found the best way to roll the diaper was from the top of the diaper inward.

Next, take your rolled diaper and wrap it with a washcloth.  While using white washcloths is certainly valid, I wanted a bit more contrast against the white diaper, so I chose washcloths in soft colors and baby hues.  While it is not necessary to secure the washcloth in the back, I did.  I found that it kept the Diaper Babies more intact, so I used a colorful paper clip to secure it together.  I did not want to use straight pins, as I did not want anyone to get a pricked finger while picking the Babies up.  You could opt just to wrap the diaper and tuck in any extra material in the diaper … and so the choice is yours.  I just liked knowing the washcloth was secure and safe.

DIY | Baby Shower Gift | Diaper Babies | Use a colorful paper clip to secure the washcloth to the diaper.

Now for the fun part, and this is putting on their little hats!  Take one sock and put it over the top end of the diaper.  I chose colorful socks, and cute designs.  I folded the edges under, so it looked like a little night cap.  Use your imagination, and have fun with the different color schemes and designs!

Grab your mighty Marker and start to make different eyes on each of your Diaper Babies! We made different faces – with some babies sleeping, some showing excitement, and some squinting 🙂  It was pure joy to make these faces!

Finally, put all your adorable little Babies in a basket of your choice.  Personally, I think this baby carriage basket would be perfect, and most appropriate! What a divine way to transport your precious cargo to the Baby Shower ♥If you used a basket like this, then I would not use any lining paper. However, if you use a regular basket with low walls, then you might want to add some tissue paper for a little added color and extra support.  The tissue paper tufted in void spaces between the Diaper Babies helps in keeping them stable and upright.  With the baby carriage basket, I don’t think any extra support is needed because of the basket’s overall design.

I hope you enjoy making these Diaper Babies as much as I did.  I am sure; however, that your Baby Shower Recipient will enjoy them even more!  Take care –

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