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How to Kill Ants with Non-Toxic Ingredients

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Non-Toxic Ant Killer

No one wants to hurt any living creature; however, most of us don’t want to see a highway of ants marching through our home either.  Some species of ants have multiple queens and nests, so placing your poison around in a variety of places is key.  While buying pesticides online or at a home improvement center is one step to take towards a pest-free home, it certainly won’t be your cheapest and least toxic route.  Here is my tale …

I researched online about ants – from their behaviour to what kills them. Some tips I had heard of; others not so much.  I was hoping to find a solution that was inexpensive and natural.  I did, and it works.

You only need two main ingredients:  baking soda and confectioners sugar.  You will also add a sprinkling of water to the final mix and you will need a plastic spoon and plastic cup to do the actual mixing.  Very inexpensive.

Non-Toxic Ant Killer - Add Sugar

Simply put five heaping spoonfuls of confectioners sugar in the plastic cup.  You do not need to measure them precisely; just use heaping spoonfuls.  Do not use regular sugar.  It needs to be confectioners sugar because ants are smart and devious enough to be able to separate grains of regular sugar.  That’s not possible with the powdered stuff.

Non-Toxic Ant Killer - Add SodaNext, add five heaping spoonfuls of baking soda.  Baking soda is very inexpensive to buy.  You basically are adding the same amount of soda to the cup as you did with the sugar.  Equal amounts of both make the mixture.  If you need less or more mix – proportion your spoonfuls accordingly.

Non-Toxic Ant Killer - Mix it TogetherMix the soda and sugar together.  When you have completed that task (which takes mere seconds), even you will have a hard time determining what is the sugar and what is the soda.  Ants are drawn to sugar, but they will stay away from baking soda.  The idea is to get them to eat the sugar, but to do that … they will have to ingest the soda too (which is fatal to ants.)

I tested this formula for two weeks.  I put the mixture outside – in areas of high ant population and near crevices and entryways to my home.  My goal was to kill the ants before they had a chance to share my abode.  Before writing this post, I went outside and I could not find one ant … alive.

Non-Toxic Ant Killer - Water SolutionSome poison recipes advise you to mix in a couple of tablespoons of water to the soda and sugar mix.  I tried that originally, and it did work.  The only thing I did not like was that another animal could knock the cup over and I did not like the way the watery version looked.  Not a problem, for I found another use for this application!

Non-Toxic Ant Killer - Next to PotsHave you ever lifted a garden pot only to find hundreds of ants living in the bottom of it?  I took the watered-down version (adding 2 tablespoons of water to the mix) and left that in a plastic cup, nestled in a heavier clay pot for stability.  Placed near my potted plants, it keeps all ant stragglers at bay.  No more watery mess outside, and no cup falling over.

Non-Toxic Ant Killer - Under PotsAfter two weeks I went outside and checked the bottoms of all my potted plants.  Where once there was a mass of little ants, now there were none.  I could not believe it.  I truly think it was the combination of the powder under the pot and then adding the watered version in a cup (near the pots) that finished them off.   Regardless, it worked.

How did I apply the dry mix to the ground?  I simply tossed it on the patio and then lightly sprinkled it with water.  Use just enough of a mist to make the powder a moist paste.  If you use a heavy hand with the water, you will destroy it and make a run-off of the mix.  Use water sparingly!

Non-Toxic Ant Killer - Mist of Water AppliedThis is how the mixture should look after you apply a light mist of water. After I applied it, there was a lot of ant activity.  They were busy for hours on end, eating and transporting.  There was nothing for me to pick up or sweep away; the mixture was gone within a few days. Rain, morning dew and good ole’ Mother Nature did the clean-up.

For the doomed ants, it was just impossible to get to the sugar without eating some of the soda along the way.  The ants appeared to take their goodies back to their nest, and then to their Queen(s).  Whatever happened after that, I don’t know.  All I do know …  is that the ants are gone.  There were none to be found.

Terro Liquid Ant BaitsIf you already have ants in your home, then obviously the above might not be your best solution. We did try the Terro Liquid Ant Killer products, along with a few others, for an in-house application test.  Of all the ones we tried, the Terro products worked the best – and within the time frame they specified on the packaging.  The ants were very attracted to the “liquid” form.  It is not; however, chemical-free – but they worked pretty fast and the process was not nasty to deal with.

Another great pre-packaged option is the …

Natural Powder Used to Control Pests Such As Bed Bugs, Fleas, Ants, Cockroaches, Crickets and Scorpions – Ideal for Organic Gardening – Safe for Humans, Dogs, Cats and Horses – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

One, or all of the above, should prove to be a great antidote for solving your ant problems!

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