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How to Find the End of a Roll of Packaging Tape

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Tips | How to Find End of Roll of Packaging Tape

Are you tired of struggling to find the end of a roll of sticky tape? You are not alone! Did you know that a good old-fashioned bobby pin will ease your struggles when searching for the end of a roll of tape? Yes, it will … and this is a wonderful tip that I wish I knew about earlier. It has made my shipping and packaging chores so much easier! Bobby pins will work for a variety of sticky tapes, and are especially helpful for large rolls of duct, packaging and/or shipping tape.

Keeping the loose end of a sticky roll of tape from falling back on itself is easy! Simply clip a bobby pin over the loose end of the packaging tape each and every time you use it. The weight of the bobby pin will keep it from sticking back to the roll. It is very easy to see, and the end tab is slightly elevated for easy handling.

How to Find the End of a Roll of Packaging Tape

Just imagine … no more scraping with your fingernail trying to search for the end of the roll. The best news is that just about everybody has a few extra bobby pins laying around their house! This method of securing the end of your tape roll is easy, and very inexpensive.

Another option worth considering is to use one of the many hand-held tape dispensers available; however, I find that the “bobby pin” method works just fine for my small needs. If you do a lot of packaging and shipping, you might prefer one of the hand-held tape dispensers.

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