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How to Cut a Watermelon

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How to Cut Watermelon

There are plenty of methods on how to cut a watermelon.  We have tried them all.  Nothing; however, has come even close to surpassing the technique I am about to show you.  So, how do you cut a watermelon?  You slice them into spears, leaving the rind on.  You will have just enough rind to hold on to – without getting your face and fingers messy or drippy!

One unexpected (and positive) thing had happened after cutting watermelon this way – it stayed fresher for a longer period of time.  When we previously bought watermelon already cut up at the store (or cut it into cubes ourselves), the watermelon would start to get mushy and watery after just a couple of days.  This did not occur when we cut the watermelon into spheres, leaving the rind on.  We tested this method several times, and each time we had the same results. Fresh and sweet watermelon, which had not broken down into a watery and tasteless mess.

Once you have washed and rinsed the melon thoroughly, you will need to cut off both ends with a serrated knife.  Stand the watermelon on one cut end, and half it lengthwise.  For safety reasons, be sure to use a cutting board that will not slip and slide while slicing.

How to Cut a Watermelon

Next, we like to lightly score the top of the melon before actually cutting through it.  Scoring makes the job a bit easier, and safer.  Score and slice down the length of the melon, at 1 – 1½” intervals.  Keep the rind on.

How to Cut Watermelon - Score & Slice

The last step will entail cutting crosswise down the width of the melon, again at 1 – 1½” intervals.  Your melon will now start to look like a bold and colorful grid!

How to Cut a Watermelon

Separate the slices and serve!  Each little sphere (or baton) will have just enough rind on it to allow for easy serving and handling.  No forks are needed, and there will be no messy faces or drippy chins to deal with.  It is actually fun to eat watermelon this way!

Since I am not a scientist, I can’t explain why this method works so wonderfully.  We have theorized that it must have something to do with keeping the rind on.  It probably helps retain the water in the melon, keeping it from leaking out into the bottom of your serving or storage container.  Whatever the reason, it works!

How to Cut Watermelon

As I mentioned earlier, it makes a beautiful display!  In the photo above, we served half of a watermelon on a gorgeous Fostoria American Oblong Tray.  We also set it out on a variety of other platters and trays, from round to square.  It is easy to serve, with no utensils needed.  We have also experienced (and been told) that it is just a fun way to eat watermelon.  Simply grab a sphere and enjoy.  Deliciousness, and happiness, will soon follow!

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