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Taking Inventory of Your Home

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You spent all this time finding just the perfect home for you and your family.  You then furnish it with things you love, and live in it.  Are you done?  Hardly!

Do you know the value of your belongings?  I don’t mean the sentimental value; I mean the dollar amount?  If you are like most families, you do not.  With hurricanes always a possibility in Florida – we should be more diligent in this regard.

What would you do if you had to file an insurance claim?  Do you have replacement costs on contents or actual cost value ?  If you don’t know, you should call your insurance agent to discuss the matter.  Actual cost value is less of a premium; however, if your belongings were stolen or destroyed, your benefit would also be lower.  In order to determine what coverage you need, you should take inventory of your home.

I have good news; there is a wonderful software program that will handle this project for you.   It will help you keep track of everything that fills your house – from artwork to jewelry.  You will quickly see how much it would cost to replace.

Once you purchase and download the What You Own software to your computer, you will be able to create a room-by-room inventory that will serve as a helpful record in determining how much insurance to purchase.  Users can even add images and receipts.  This software will prove to be invaluable should you find yourself needing to settle an insurance claim!

After a review of the numbers, you might want to initiate a call to your insurance agent.  You never know, one day the wrong kind of luck might be knocking (or blowing) on your own front door.  Be prepared!

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