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Holiday Decorating – Pretty Presentation

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Holiday Decorating Tips | Pretty presentation on how to add height to your displays.

If you are in the middle of holiday decorating, here is a great tip on how to add some height to your display area.  Simply grab a few wrapped or decorated gift boxes and create a stack – with the largest box resting at the bottom, and the smallest one sitting on top.  This pretty presentation can be as tall, or short, as you need it to be.  You can either stack the boxes directly on your display surface, or … take it to even higher elevations by using a cake stand or some other pedestal-based container.

Once you have decided on how high you want the display, tie a wide ribbon around all of the wrapped gift boxes.  A nice big bow on the top adds a cheery burst of color!  Place your pretty presentation wherever you need height in your arrangement.  Fill in any bare spaces with small boxes, ornaments, candies and/or greenery.

Holiday Decorating Tips | Pretty presentation on how to add height to your displays.Fireplaces, mantels, and tabletops naturally draws one attention, so use some of your favorite things to make most of this highly visible spot.  Adding height with a pile of packages or presents is an easy and effortless way to display a balanced arrangement.

Candy Christmas Trees is another method for adding height to your holiday displays.  While you can easily buy them online, they are a simple DIY project.  They make for a great crafting and bonding experience for the entire family, and you can make them with your preferred candy choice.

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