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Shower Without a Shiver

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Living in Tampa, I realize that our weather does not get as cold as some of our northern neighbors. When the temperature does take a nose dive, something as simple as stepping out of the shower can turn me into a RFD (Reluctant Funky Dancer.)  As I make my reluctant entrance onto the bathroom floor, I wiggle and jiggle from head to toe – a more funky routine you have never seen.   Dancing, shivering, shaking – whatever it looks like – it’s neither pretty nor comfortable.

Once thawed, I needed to find a remedy for the frigid temperature in our bathroom. There are two things I could do – install a towel warmer or replace my regular light bulb with a heat-lamp. I chose the latter – it was less expensive, less intrusive, and easy to do. I remembered my old traveling days where I stayed in hotels that used heat lamps. I loved them; they were always so warm and cozy when stepping out of the shower.

Heat-lamp bulbs fit into a regular light fixture and warm the surrounding air.  You do not need to install any special equipment; just switch out your light bulb with a heat-lamp bulb. Depending on what kind of bulb you choose (regular or red), you could also benefit from a nice “glow” on your birthday suit.  These bulbs use a bit more electricity than a standard bulb, but when compared to cranking up the heat in the entire house just to take a shower, it is a bargain.

Goosebumps and shivers no longer wait for me when I step out of the shower, and it appears my funky dancing days are over. Give this idea a try; it’s a great way to stay toasty warm during the winter.

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