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How to Grow Zinnias in Florida

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How to grow zinnias in Florida - flower

This is what I have learned about Zinnias thus far …  I first tried planting them directly in the ground. My success rate was minimal at best. I then tried sowing them in little pots first – then transplanting them in the ground. I hit pay dirt with this technique! This worked very well.

I did not buy any new black pots (I simply re-used old ones that I had saved from the nursery). I also use empty cans from vegetables, soups, etc. and just cut holes in the bottom for drainage.

How to grow zinnias in Florida - pots

When the plants have developed at least two sets of leaves on them, that is when I plant them directly into the ground. They love sun, so make sure they get at least six hours of it! They also need water, but they really don’t like too much of it.

How to grow zinnias in Florida - butterfly

As they mature, some can get very tall. I have some that are just shy of three feet! There are smaller varieties, but I chose the taller kind. I used plant supports for the taller sprouts; however, I soon realized that quite a few didn’t need staking at all. Some grow so high that they need a little support, while others seem just fine without it.

How to grow zinnias in Florida - buds

Even unopened buds are a stunner! Enjoy these beauties, as they have a way of making any ordinary day feel more beautiful. They are so easy to grow, can stand the Florida heat, don’t take a lot of water … and look stunning as a cut flower or bouquet.

There are a variety of zinnia seeds for you to use and enjoy.  May you have the same luck as I have. Foolproof your garden today with a spot of these colorful petals!

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