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Grocery List – Free Printable Template

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Grocery List | Free Printable | Categories Included

UPDATED 5/8/2020
Think that your Grocery List has to be boring, and tedious?  Think again!  At the bottom of every “section” noted in the list, there is a blank line for any item that is not noted for that particular category.  I have included the major food items; however, everyone’s taste is different – and that is why I have included extra space in every section.

Are you ready to make up your grocery list?  The following is how I would suggest to do it (because there really is logic and structure to my madness.)   I pick up my list and highlight in yellow the items I want.  I do not check off the boxes, nor do I circle the items.  If I need something on the list that is not there, I simple write it in on the blank line.

Now, imagine we are in the grocery store … going by the list to shop.  Once you pick up an item in the store, it is at that time that you “check” or “X” off the item in the box.  This way, you stay organized and know what items you have already put in the cart, and which ones you still need to get.  No more wild and crazy black lines all over the place!  My husband, Hector, loved this system … and said it made his job much easier.

On a side note – since we’re talking about making your grocery shopping easier, you might want to seriously consider owning a pair of these Quick Carry Grocery Bag Handles. These grips are awesome, and I use them to carry up to twelve bags at once!  More importantly, I use a grip at the store – securing my purse to the shopping cart.  I love them!

I would love to hear your comments about my printable grocery list. It is free, and the only thing I ask is that if you like and use it … to please share it on Facebook or Pinterest. Thanks so much, and I hope you enjoy.

Free Printable Grocery List Download

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