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Gravy Train Tips

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Tips | How to Make Perfect Gravy

Here are a few tips on how to make the most perfect gravy.  The first thing you want to do is make sure that you have all the right kitchen tools before you start.  When you use the correct products in coordination with each other, they can produce excellent and tasty gravy.  Not only will your sauce turn out delicious … but the process will be much faster, with little to no mess!

If you don’t want lumps in your gravy, you will need to use a wire whisk when stirring.  If you still end up with a few lumps here and there, just grab a mesh colander or gravy strainer to eliminate them.  My preference is one with a long handle so that it will protect my hands from hot grease and oils.  Be sure to choose one that is non-slip, easy to grip, and heat-resistant.

Salt is one of the key ingredients for a tasteful and flavorful sauce.  It is important; however, that you start off slow … using only about ½ tsp. for every four cups of liquid.  You can then sprinkle in a tiny bit more (if needed) in increments.  Always stir and taste after each addition, making sure you don’t add too much of the seasoning.  Too much salt is just as bad as not enough.  To make it easier on yourself, you might want to consider having a salt box within easy reach of the stove top.  It will save you valuable steps in the kitchen, and makes it very easy to retrieve measured amounts of salt as needed.

For a fantastic gravy recipe that can be made ahead of time, be sure to check out this post “Make-Ahead Roasted Turkey Gravy”.  You won’t be disappointed.  Alas, you can now conquer the Gravy Train – which is almost as important as roasting the turkey!

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