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Goodwill Superstore – Trinity, Florida

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Goodwill Superstore Trinity Florida - Myott Royal Mail

There is a new Goodwill Superstore in Tampa Bay – 11462 State Road 54 in Trinity.  I visited their Grand Opening this past weekend and there were masses of people there!  Apparently folks in the region know a good bargain when they see it. The parking lot was full, and at times it was a tight squeeze getting through the isles.  It was well worth it, for my treasure-hunting paid off.

I always walk through the dish isles, because I have found some pretty spectacular finds in the past.  Some days I leave with nothing.  It is truly a game of chance, and timing is everything.  And by that I mean … if you notice a store clerk pulling items out of her bin and you just happen to be standing nearby.  It is those times when you are literally the first person to see the item on the shelf – giving you the best chances of securing it.

As I was browsing the dishes, I happened to come across a few china dishes of the Myott Royal Mail pattern, by Staffordshire (England).  I collect these, and was amazed that they were all in perfect, seemingly unused condition.

Goodwill Superstore Trinity Florida - Myott Royal Mail china lot

There was only piece in the grouping that had a small chip.  Immediately upon putting it back on the shelf, the person next to me grabbed it!  It was that fast, literally.   Realizing this was not the time to hesitate, I quickly and carefully placed my items in my basket and walked away – with a big smile on my face.  I felt like I just won the lottery, or at the very least, was the first person to find the treasure trove.

They also had quite a few July 4th items, and priced very affordable.  If you like finding a good bargain, you might want to give them a visit.  If the Trinity store is too far away for you, there are plenty of other Goodwill stores in the Tampa Bay area.

Happy Hunting my friends …

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