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Skechers Go Walk Shoes Review

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Skechers Go Walk Shoes

Recently I was lucky enough to have some dear and treasured friends visit for a few days.  One day during one of our little outings, my friend commented on my shoes.  “Jules – those shoes are so cute.  They look comfortable; where did you get them?”  A day later, I was wearing another pair – in a different color.  Again, my friend exclaims, “You got to tell me about those shoes!”  She recently emailed me and said she was having some trouble finding them and could not remember the specific style,  so I thought now was the perfect time to write a little post about these incredible Go Walk shoes.  In case you are wondering, I don’t work for Skechers, nor am I being paid by them for this wonderful endorsement.  I just believe in these shoes and highly recommend them!

I wear two types of these shoes – the regular Go Walk and the Go Recovery. The Recovery version is just as comfortable; the difference is that it is constructed of a lightweight mesh upper, rather than a fabric upper. Both are incredibly lightweight and made for sock-less walking. You can go directly to the Skechers website for further information on these two styles, and more.

Back in 2007 I suffered a fall and endured three spiral fractures of my right ankle – this happens when the break twists around the bone.  Why is this important?  Well, because of this type of injury and the subsequent healing that prevailed, my right foot now has a slight turn to it.  It turns outward ever so slightly, and because of that I have to be very careful of the type of shoes I wear.  The ball of my foot does not hit the ground in the same spot as before the trauma.  Walking – even for a short period of time – was extremely painful.  Ever since, it has been a difficult task trying to find a pair of shoes that I could walk in without pain or discomfort.

I found I could no longer wear shoes that had any type of strap that would rest over the ankle bone due to screws and wires that were just sitting under the skin.  Also, the back of shoe could not be so high that it caused pressure anywhere on the foot; hence, swelling occurred.  More importantly, I had to have excellent cushioning on the bottom of the shoe so that the nerves in the ball of my foot would not be pinched.  Needless to say, that is a lot to ask for in a shoe.  Trying to find one that was cute, sporty, and in a variety of colors – well, that was asking for almost the impossible.


The photos here are not of new shoes; rather, a shoe that has been worn for months and months.  It is still in very good condition, and are a breeze to keep clean.  Notice the top of the shoe – there is no strap to deal with, no laces, no velcro.  These shoes slip right on, with no straps or tops putting pressure anywhere.


As you can see, this shoe is easy to take off – but does not slip off when wearing it.  It even has a little hole in the back if you want to slip your finger in there and tug.  But honestly, I just take them off with my other foot – no hands required!


Look at the cushioning on this puppy!  I have no idea what “resalyte” is or what it is doing … all I know is that my feet feel like they are walking on air.


While my ankle is no longer a thing of beauty, my shoe is.  Take a good look, because if this post helps even one person out there that has suffered an ankle injury or has other foot problems, this unflattering photo will be worth it.  The shoe simply sits underneath the ankle, without pressure.  The toe area is very ample, and rounded.  The cushioning is excellent.  I now can go walking for extended periods without anguish and pain.

The most amazing thing that I have noticed regarding the advertising of these shoes is that the company usually shows only young women wearing them.  From my point of view and experience, they would be better served to include the baby-boomer generation in their advertising campaigns as well.  The older generation has some unique needs that the younger generation hasn’t experienced yet.  Comfort and style are virtues all women treasure, no matter their age.  I will give credit to the video; however, because it does show some of the many colors of the shoe, and just how cute they really are!

Regarding pricing – it varies from store to store, and website to website.  I usually buy these shoes at Amazon (affiliate link); however, I recently needed a pair immediately so I went outside my comfort zone and into a local retail store.  It was very difficult to find the color and size I needed.  They were all sold out!   When I asked the Sales Clerk about the availability of the shoe and the higher price tag versus what I was used to paying through Amazon, she confided in me something that the store manager had said.  “These were popular shoes and that they did not need to put them on sale like the other shoe brands.”  They were selling them without effort, which is a great testament to the quality of the shoe –  but not necessarily to my pocketbook.  I thanked her for her honesty and rushed home – only to buy two more pairs from Amazon.  I got free shipping, and had them within days.  I probably would have paid the higher price tag at the store;  however, it did not matter because they were sold out of my size anyway.

So there you have it, and why I believe in the Skechers Women’s Go Walk Slip-On shoes.  I hope this personal review of the Go Walk Shoes has proven helpful.   And, if you are wondering if you can wash your Go Walk Shoes – please check out this informational post on how to do just that!

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