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Using Glass Top Hats for Easter Decorating

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Glass Top Hats for Easter

At long last … spring has arrived!  This is the time of year when the air is fresh and the days are longer.  Flowers are starting to blossom, grasses are growing, and Easter activities are thriving.  Egg hunts, church services, jelly beans, and bunnies (of all species and flavors) are popping up everywhere.  Why not use some of these same adorable elements when planning your celebration?  Using glass top hats for Easter decorating is so much fun, so let’s hop to it!

If you are like me, you probably have a couple of adorable bunnies sitting around your home – or nesting in a box somewhere.  I have a variety of them, in different textures and forms.  Any will work; however, when using them with glass top hats – sizing is important.  The size of the bunny should be appropriate to the size of the hat.  For example, you need your bunny small enough so that it can sit in the opening of your hat, allowing extra room if you plan to place chocolate eggs beside, or around it.

Easter Candy Favorites | M&M's Easter Candy

M&M’s Easter Candy

My personal preference is to choose ceramic bunnies when using them with vintage glass top hats.  Vintage salt and pepper shakers, like the ones seen in this photo, are most perfect.  You can often find them decorated with soft spring colors and painted with flowery details.  They seem to coordinate very well with the vintage feel of the glass top hats.

If I have enough top hats and bunnies, I will place them around each place setting at the table.  This adorable setting ensures every guest will have something sweet to nibble on after Easter dinner.

The vintage glass hat that I used in this post is from the Fostoria American pattern.  It is from their milk glass collection, and is officially called a “Topper”, which came in different sizes.  There are a wide variety of glass toppers available, with a huge section of colors to choose from.  Pick out a few that go with your preferred color scheme, and build your table setting from there.

Fostoria | American | White Milk Glass | Using Glass Top Hats for Easter DecoratingOnce you have selected the bunnies and hats that you will be using, the only other things that you will need are some shredded paper or Easter grass, and your family’s choice of candy (which is optional).  The foil-wrapped chocolate Easter eggs are an excellent choice, as well as other assortments of spring-time candy.

I don’t always use candy when preparing the hats.  This earlier post, Pulling Easter Rabbits out of Vintage Hats, shows an example without the use of candy.  Whether you choose to decorate your hats with candy or not, both versions are equally adorable.

For other helpful tips on how to set your table for your next Easter gathering, please be sure to preview the post Easter Table Setting.  Wishing you and yours a wonderful springtime celebration!

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