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Giant Leopard Plant

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Garden | Giant Leopard Plant | Tall and handsome plant, with daisy-like flowers.

Farfugium japonicum ‘Gigantea’ 

The Giant Leopard plant is tall and handsome, with round and shiny leaves. Within it grows individual 3 to 4 foot stalks, with daisy-like yellow flowers blooming at the end of the stems.  Being a perennial plant that needs shade, I placed it in a gorgeous red glazed pot – under our big oak tree.  It looks stunning, and provides much interest in this shadowy part of our yard.

I stumbled across this plant by accident at our local nursery.  I was looking for plants that thrived in the shade, and the Giant Leopard Plant suited my needs perfectly.  I have quite a few shade-loving plants (like ferns, etc.) already in our landscape – but this year I wanted to add something different.  If you have a dark and shaded area in your yard, you might want to consider giving the Giant Leopard Plant a try.  I also found inspiration in this book, Making the Most of Shade, by Larry Hodgson.  He proves, only too well, that having a shaded yard does not have to be boring and colorless.

USDA Hardiness Zone: 7 – 10

Water:  They like moist soil, on a consistent basis.

Light:  They need full to partial shade.

Size:  Will grow about 3-4 feet tall, up to 3 feet wide.

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