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Gathering Fall Foliage

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Fall Decorating | Gathering Fall Foliage

Are you ready to celebrate autumn’s arrival?  One of the easiest ways to add color to your home is to gather fall foliage.  I simply walk outside and find a few branches that still have leaves and acorns attached.  I bring them in, give them a delicate spray wash, and arrange them in vases.  Place taller branches in the back and middle, with smaller twigs along the sides and front.  In an instant you have a beautiful fall bouquet, and it didn’t cost you a dime!

Just like flowers, you want to keep the branches as fresh as possible.  One way to help preserve them is to cut a small X in the bottom of each branch.  For hydration, mix a solution that is two parts water to one part vegetable glycerin.  The bouquet of autumn branches will gradually absorb the solution; this process will take a few weeks.  After that period; however, your bouquet should retain its colorful look indefinitely – allowing you to use it year after year.

Fall Decorating | Gathering Fall FoliageRaiding your craft closet is another fun and easy thing to do this time of year!  Look behind those closed doors and bring out regular household items that you might have otherwise forgotten about.  Think of textured items – such as balls of yarn, twine, pine cones, and more!  These will prove to be very colorful accents for your home.

There are so many beautiful sights this time of year, both indoors and out.  It has been fun traipsing through the yard and observing the landscape as it slowly changes. I hope some of my tips and photos will help inspire your days with colorful inspiration.  Enjoy!

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