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Fresh White Tablescape

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Tablescape | Fresh White | Natural elements, with touches of gold.

When the mood strikes for an airy tablescape, I will usually opt for white and neutrals every time.  Fresh whites, in partnership with natural hues, immediately puts me at ease.  The dishes are mixed – some old, some new.  Different patterns get along just fine, as do the various textures. The end result creates a wonderful atmosphere for family and friends.  Food always looks delicious when served on white dishes, and I can’t wait to load up the plates – and fill up those glasses!

Right now; however, our feast will have to wait because I want to give you some insight into this fresh, white tablescape. First, let me introduce you to the Hampton Forge Flatware Set, which possesses a beautiful hammered effect.  This stunning flatware is more striking than your usual variety, yet not too elegant.  In other words, it is beautiful – but understated. I believe this same pattern also comes in other colors – such as Copper, Gunmetal, etc.

All of the white plates are a mix of different patterns. The white dinner plates are old, but still serve me well. They are durable Buffalo China, and their simple design allows me to dress them up – or play them down – depending on the occasion.  Even the smaller plates (that are placed on top) are Buffalo China, with a delicate gold trim all around.  I don’t usually see the smaller plates with gold, so when I found them – I grabbed them without hesitation!  The middle salad plate (with the soft brown border) is from Sango, the Concepts pattern.

While I ended up not using any napkins rings for this particular table setting, I did find a beautiful hammered 12-piece set that I thought would be very appropriate (and also for a variety of other celebrations).  If I had not used the gold-rimmed glasses, I probably would have used the hammered napkin rings – so, I will anxiously await to use them in another upcoming tablescape!

Fresh White Tablescape | Using beautiful variegated placemats and tonal cloth napkins.One item that I really loved were these variegated and over-sized napkins. The fact that they didn’t “match” the placemats exactly, but coordinated extremely well with them, was visibly appealing to me.  Since I wanted the feel of the tablescape to be light and airy, I chose not to use a tablecloth. Instead, I opted for variegated placemats in a beautiful 100% cotton textile.  They are very well-made, durable, and washable.  The soft white and natural taupe colors of the placemats look great against my wood table, and the dishes!  The side edges are fringed, and quite lovely.

And, as most people know, I can’t seem to resist putting a piece or two of Fostoria American glassware somewhere on the table!  This table setting was no exception, and the clear crystal helped the tablescape sparkle – with clear prisms of light dancing from one corner of the table to the other.  Quite lovely, indeed.

Fresh White Tablescape | White Periwinkle and Asparagus Fern - light and airy. Just perfect for a summer table.A quick walk outside provided all the greenery and flowers that I needed.  I snipped a few stems of White Periwinkle to act as my main character, and then used Asparagus Fern as my green filler.  The Asparagus Fern is not thick and heavy in form, so it was more than perfect for this tablescape!  The Periwinkle has green, waxy-looking leaves – with soft white flowers. Using only these two types of plants provided me with just the look I was aiming for.

Basically, my tablescape was comprised of salvaged treasures.  The charm of such is often in the eye of the beholder.  I am thankful and mindful of the saying, “one person’s trash is another’s treasure.”  Most of the dishes have been allowed to age naturally, giving them a genteel quality.  Coupled with soft white hues, the end result was a fresh and summery blending of the old … and the new.  Here in Florida, this light and airy tablescape will be most appreciated in our hot and humid months.  I certainly hope you enjoy it, too. ♥

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