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Fostoria American Salt Dip used as Egg Holder

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Fostoria American Salt Dip

Fostoria made beautiful Salt Dips, and one of my favorites is the one produced in the American pattern.  It was produced for many years, and they are still pretty easy to find at antique stores and estate sales.  It is not just their beauty that attracts me; it is also the fact that they can be used for other modern-day usages (other than for serving salt).

While setting up an Easter table recently, the thought occurred to me … “Why not use my Fostoria Salt Dips as egg holders?”  I was not sure if it would work, but it did so brilliantly!  Once the spark plugs in my brain ignited, I started playing with all sorts of variations.  I took various pieces of my Fostoria American collection and starting adding or mixing different items with the Salt Dip, much like a Lego set!  The following are two of my most favorite arrangements – all using the Salt Dip as an egg holder.

♥ Beautiful Fostoria American Salt Dip being used as an Easter Egg HolderIn the first variation, I simply placed an egg in the Salt Dip and placed it on a plate.  My sister, Joan, gave me these lovely plates for my birthday and they look absolutely stunning.  I used large-sized eggs, and they fit perfectly in the Salt Dip without having to add a base.  Smaller or irregular-sized eggs would benefit from some type of padding or cushioning inside the Dip… perhaps tiny Spring-colored candies, small jelly beans, or even salt.  All would provide an excellent base for the egg.

Fostoria | American | Salt Dip and Coffee Cup being used as a Place Holder and Easter Egg HolderIn this second variation, I used a Fostoria American Footed Cup to elevate the Salt Dip. This created an entirely different presentation.  The Saucer’s cube design added beautiful sparkle to the table.  Both variations are equally beautiful.  I believe the elevated version might be best suited for an elegant or fancy presentation.  I also used regular Easter Eggs that were not monogrammed, and those were pretty as well.  In the end; however, I chose to use monogrammed eggs to add a bit of class to the table.  I put each individual’s initial on an egg, and in doing so … this made the Salt Dips do triple-duty.  Not only were they holding an individual egg, but now they were being used as Place Holders as well.

If you would like to learn more about the Fostoria American glassware pattern, please visit my other blog – FostoriaAmerican2056.com.  I always enjoy chatting with other vintage glass collectors or enthusiasts.

I love my Fostoria American collection, and even though it was first produced one-hundred years ago (1915), there are still many ways to use it in today’s ultra-modern world.  Using the Salt Dip as an Egg Holder is just one more example of doing just that.  Enjoy!

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