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Fostoria American Reg Low Foot Sherbet

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Fostoria American Regular Low Foot Sherbet

This beauty is one of the many sherbet dishes made by Fostoria American. The Regular Low Foot Sherbet holds approximately 5 ounces and is about 3½’ tall.

Fostoria made several sherbet dishes, ranging from a flared design to a “regular” design.  One can distinguish between the two because the flared variety has flared sides, whereas the regular sherbet does not.

The sherbet dishes also came in different heights, from low foots to high foots.  Some pieces were offered in a hexagonal foot.  The regular low foot sherbet (as pictured in this post) only came with a round foot.

Vintage Fostoria American - the Regular Low Sherbet. Beautiful.An important element to keep in mind when looking for the “real” Fostoria sherbet dish is that similar Sherbet dishes were made by Indiana Glass Company, from their Whitehall pattern.  The Whitehall sherbet also holds about 5 oz.  Their dish not only came in Crystal, but also in other colors – such as Green, Gold, etc.  There are differences between Fostoria and Whitehall, which are disclosed in this report.

The quality, silkiness and clarity of the Fostoria dishes are superb and second to none.  They are truly a beauty to behold.

If you would like to learn more about the Fostoria American glass pattern, please visit www.FostoriaAmerican2056.com.

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