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Fostoria American Serves up July 4th in Style

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Fostoria | American | Holidays | Talk about serving up July 4th cupcakes in style! Store-bought cupcakes (easy), add sprinkles (easier) and put in a ...

Fostoria American serves up cupcakes in style … and nothing could be sweeter!  If you are lucky enough to have some of the Sherbet dishes in the American pattern, pull them out of your cupboard and make them part of your July 4th festivities.  You will be so glad you did.  They make a beautiful presentation – no matter the color or flavor of your cupcake.  They are clear crystal, so whatever resides within them will show brilliantly on the outside.  Colorful cupcake liners will add even more sparkle!

If you would like to learn more about the Fostoria American glassware pattern, please visit my other blog – FostoriaAmerican2056.com.  I always enjoy chatting with other vintage glass collectors or enthusiasts.

The Fostoria dishes that I used for my cupcake display are the American Sherbet dishes.  While you could present your cupcakes in the Low Foot Sherbets, I decided this time to use the High Foot variety.  The round design of the “regular” sherbet bowls provide the perfect amount of space and cushioning to hold a cupcake.  So easy; just plop that cupcake right in!

Fostoria | American | Serving up July 4th cupcakes in grand style! They look like they came from the heavens above.While I usually make homemade cupcakes; for this tale, I did not.  This time I made it easy on myself, and got a little help from the local grocery store.  I simply purchased two different flavored cupcakes – with plain frosting.  Once I got them home, I then added the red, white and blue sprinkles. This really makes them look patriotic (especially on the white frosting).  The white-frosted cupcakes were gorgeous; they looked like something that dropped from the heavens above.  Straight from the store, they did not look like much … but with the added sprinkles and Fostoria American Sherbet holders – what a masterpiece!

Underneath each cupcake-filled Sherbet dish I placed a flattened and colorful patriotic baking cup (or cupcake liner).  They added just the right amount of color and flair, while also protecting the crystal dish.  I simply took each cup liner and flattened them out.  They made the perfect paper doily!

Fostoria | American | Serving up patriotic cupcakes for July 4th! The men in the group were attracted to this tough looking gem.While I know I can easily get carried away with decorating and tablescapes, I did find it quite fun to work with the darker-colored cupcakes. My thinking was that if the male gender thought the white cupcakes were too feminine … for whatever reason … then I would need to also serve up cupcakes in a more masculine color.  I went for dark gray – something unusual, and a bit more tough looking. I added the sprinkles to their frosting tops as well, and believe it or not, men actually were more attracted to this cupcake than the white one.   Hmmm … there just might be something to my madness after all.
Happy Birthday America!  

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