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Fostoria American 3-Toed Bon-Bon

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Fostoria American 3-toed bon-bon dish - Easter

The 3-Toed Bon Bon is another beautiful piece in the Fostoria American pattern.  The 3-Toed Bon Bon is approximately 7″ across. Still relatively easy to find in the aftermarket, this piece was produced up until about 1983. This dish has a variety of usages – limited only by your imagination.  There is also a Look-Alike piece in the American Whitehall pattern; however, there are differences between the two.

While a Bon-Bon is typically a sweet candy or confection dish, other stand-alone appetizers could also be served on this beautiful piece of crystal.  I often use the 3-Toed Bon Bon when planning a Spring or Easter-themed tablescape.  They make perfect little servers for petite Malted Milk Eggs.  Resting on some Easter grass, the pastel-colored eggs make a nice presentation and look delightful.

Fostoria American Bon BonTo learn more about pricing and current availability on this particular Fostoria piece, please click the following affiliate link for available 3-Toed Bon Bons on eBay.

Whitehall also made a similar piece, and it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between the two.  To learn more about their differences, I encourage you to research the information at www.FostoriaAmerican2056.com.  It is a great reference website regarding the different pieces of glassware in the Fostoria American line.


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