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Flaming Orange Perfection

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Flaming Orange Perfection

Autumn’s brisk air beckons us to embrace the majestic season of falling leaves and seasonal fruit.  This year I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to set my table with the bold color of orange.  In fact, the color is called “Flaming Orange” … and never in a million years did I think I would ever set my table with such a bright color.  Well, I did – and I loved it!  The glassware is from Fostoria’s Pebble Beach pattern, and it really added a colorful punch to our table.

My goal was to set a casual table, yet make it fun and seasonal – with the bold color of pumpkins.  Once I placed the orange glasses on the table, I was hooked.  They were the most perfect shade of pumpkin orange I had ever seen!  The glasses are of excellent quality, and due to their pebble-like design, they hold very nicely in your hand.  You can see and learn more about the Pebble Beach glassware from this sponsored eBay link.

Pebble Beach Glasses - Flaming Orange

Simple white candlestick holders and mellow green salad plates lend a non-competing contrast to the bold and rich orange tones scattered throughout the table.

While my centerpiece was not floral in design, it certainly was easy and quite attractive.  I simply staged a loose bouquet of grapes and seasonal fruit and placed them in a bowl.  Depending on how stocked my pantry is at the time, I will either use fresh fruit – or faux fruit and grapes.

I accented the pumpkin and autumnal presentation with richly colored leaves, acorns, and other fall touches.  The orange placemats were several years old, and I had never used them for fear of them being too bright in color.  However, once the Flaming Orange glasses came out, the placemats were a perfect match – both in color and pattern.  It was a good feeling to finally be able to use something that had previously just been taking up space in my closet.  They will be used with these Flaming Orange glasses from now on!

Flaming Orange Perfection - Pumpkin Plates

The adorable pumpkin plates are small (appetizer size) and make for an excellent finishing touch.  I found them online, and you can find similar ones here.

In the end, I was extremely happy with how my table turned out.  Minimal embellishments in bold hues helped compliment the tablescape, allowing it to shine even brighter to family and friends.  They loved it – and I hope you do, too.

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