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Fall Tablescape

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Fall | Tablescape | A simple, yet beautiful, Autumn table setting. Love the vibrant colors ♥

We recently had a Fall Dinner Party at our home and I wanted to share some of the ideas I implemented into our tablescape. Since this was a casual gathering of dear friends, I wanted nothing to be too fussy. Autumn colors, a relaxed atmosphere and a theme centered around the fruits of the Fall season – this was what I was aiming for.  I was very pleased with the outcome, and much to my surprise … even the men were complimenting me on how nice everything looked.

I chose three main colors – a red tone similar to the color of apples, a moss green, and a deep golden color.  All of these colors can be found in nature.  More specifically – in the hues of autumn leaves.

Fall | Tablescape | A beautiful and simple table setting, bursting with the vibrant colors of Autumn.

I tried to incorporate “three” of everything in regards to color and tone.  For example, for the red tone/color … I used napkins, placemats, and apples.  Three different items needed to have that color.  I used this same formula for all the other colors as well.  It worked out beautifully for a very warm and balanced color scheme.

My centerpiece was very simple.  I only used apples and a few corn husks (for filler) and placed them in a rustic basket in the center of the table.  My “confetti” mixture consisted of leaves and real green peas tossed sporadically throughout.  I placed an apple here and there as well, in addition to a few nuts, leaves and votive candles.

Fall | Centerpiece | A basket full of apples and corn husks create a simple and colorful centerpiece.

One of my most favorite things were the place card tiles.  I wanted it simple and rustic … and so I used Scrabble wood tiles and their respective holders to display the name of each one of my dinner guests.  I even used the maroon colored alphabet tiles, so the color meshed beautifully with the Fall theme.  I received many compliments from my guests on these little place settings!  It was fun and playful, and nothing too formal.

Fall | Tablescape | Using Scrabble pieces as a Place Setting was so much fun!

The two big candles were a lot of fun to decorate. I implemented three different kinds of fillers around the base of the candles. I used red beans, green peas and popcorn kernels for my harvest look.  I got an extra bag of the green peas and put a solid layer on top of the finished mixture.  I wanted to highlight the green color so they would complement my green Fostoria glasses.  I should mention that I did try putting a solid ring of each different type of kernel or bean – layer by layer – around the candle base.   In the end; however, I liked the filler all mixed up and not in rigid rings.  It just looked more natural to me.

Fall | Tablescape | Candles with Popcorn, Peas and Beans create a harmonious and colorful addition to the table.

I am a big fan of Fostoria glassware.  So many people just keep it in their cupboards; however, if I am fortunate to own it … then it comes out for service when the time is appropriate.  The beautiful green color of the Argus pattern was perfect for this Fall tablescape.  During the daytime – when the light filtered through the window – the color came alive and brightened up the entire room!

The evening turned out so wonderful. I could not have been more pleased.  I hope some of these photos and ideas will inspire you to find simple ways to bring the beauty of Autumn to your next gathering.  The Fall season provides us with a cornucopia of reasons to celebrate with family and friends.  Find one, and make it uniquely yours.

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