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Fall Decorating – Bringing it Indoors

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Fall Decorating - a harvest basket brings the beauty of Fall into your home.

Bringing in the elements of the wondrous outdoors is a decorating technique that I often use in my own home.  By doing so, I can truly enjoy all the simple virtues of the Fall season. I find the sight of falling leaves extremely calming, the robust autumn hues invigorating, and the scents of harvest bounty tempting.  When the cool mist of air touches my cheeks, it revives my soul.  Since I obviously can’t live outdoors, I try to usher into my home the essence of this beautiful season.

Where in the Decorating Rules Playbook does it state that rockers always have to reside … on the porch?  I bring mine in, and set up my own little rocking arena in a cozy corner of the room.  With the addition of a warm blanket or home-made afghan, and a place to set a beverage or a spot of tea – I am a happy girl.  I can either rock my way to happiness and think of nothing … or pull up a good book or magazine and go to places beyond my wildest imagination.

Fall Decorating | Bringing it Indoors | Decorating TipsAdding some pumpkin-colored candles, a basket of fall blossoms, amber glassware (such as this Fostoria Coin pattern candy dish) and a cheery “Welcome” greeting to one and all will give any Fall tabletop a wonderful presence.

If you are trying to get your home ready for one of the coziest seasons of the year, you might find other helpful Fall decorating ideas here.  Warm blessings to you all …

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