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Essential Garden Tools

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Essential Garden Tools | A great list of tools that will make your life in the garden much easier!

Have you ever lost your garden tools, right in your own backyard?  I have learned (the hard way) that small wood-handled tools are much easier to misplace – especially when working in areas of dried leaves or other natural-colored surroundings.  I have lost many a tool over the years, simply because I set it down on the ground – never to be found again.  It blended right into the landscape, and there it stayed.  Some tools we have never found, to this very day!

Now that my husband and I are older and wiser, we limit ourselves to only buying brightly-colored garden tools.  It has made a big difference in their visibility, and we no longer spend hours on end trying to hunt and find them in the landscape!  If you can’t find brightly colored ones, consider painting their handles a bright color (very easy to do for the wooden-handle variety).

With the right gardening tools, your life will be so much easier – whether you’re planting, weeding, pruning, or clearing leaves.  Please review the list below, for these are the essential “tools of the trade” that every gardener should own:

  • Watering Can – Let’s face it, some plants don’t like to get themselves wet.  I have found that watering cans specifically geared for indoor use are the ones that have the smaller pouring nozzle – which is great for porch or patio-covered plants.  Pour water where you want it, avoiding delicate leaves when needed.
  • Cultivator – this is typically a hand rake that is used to aerate the soil.  A great tool to use to mix fertilizer into the soil.
  • Dutch Hoe – if you have a large area to weed, then this is the tool for you!  Weeding is a back-breaking activity, especially when bent over for hours.  This tool has a long handle, which goes a long way in preventing a backache.
  • Edgers – these will create crisp, clean borders around your garden – especially in planting areas that meet up with driveways or walkways.
  • Gardening Gloves – an absolute must in the garden!  A quality pair will help protect your fingers and hands from prickly plant parts, in addition to keeping your nails free of dirt.
  • Garden Hose – look for a quality, lightweight version that will be easy to carry.  Buy the best quality you can afford, for this is a vital tool in the garden.  Buy one that will last for years, not months.
  • Loppers – find one that has long handles to that you can reach tall branches with ease.  This tool is used to help prune branches that are too thick for your regular pruners.
  • Pruning Shears – these are essential for many cutting jobs and offer a more clean cut than regular scissors.  Choose a pair with a safety catch and crossover blades.
  • Rake – one of the easiest tools to use for leveling soil and clearing the ground.  For heavier jobs like thatching your lawn, a spring-tined rake is a better choice.
  • Trowel – an indispensable little shovel for small digging jobs; great for lifting plants.  Since these type of tools are easily mislaid in the garden, look for those with brightly colored handles that can be spotted easily.
  • Transplanter – they are marked with depth measurements, making the chore of transplanting much easier.
  • Wheelbarrow – no garden is complete without one of these.  It will haul just about anything, and save your back in the process.

I hope you found this list informative, and look forward to seeing you … in the garden!

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