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Easter Table Setting

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Tablescapes | Easter Table Setting

Once again it is that time of year to let spring’s pretty pastels inspire our Easter table settings.  By centering a table with a big tulip masterpiece, you and your guests will be beautifully reminded that spring has sprung.  With a sparkling Fostoria American Goblet and ruby-stained glassware placed at each place setting, your table will start to shine.  The addition of a few colorful chocolate Easter eggs will only add sweetness to your spring celebration.

Easter is one of those holidays that brings back so many happy memories!  From beautiful flowing dresses, pretty hats, and flowing daffodils … all of it just seems to signal the arrival of spring.  Now is the time to store away your dark and wintery table linens and bring out a more sunnier selection.  For my table, I chose a yellow tablecloth – which was covered with a smaller white lace tablecloth.  This application really toned down the brightness of the yellow underlayment, giving the table’s landscape a soft and pastel tone.

Easter | Table Setting with Fostoria AmericanI continued with the springtime theme by using an assortment of cloth napkins – ranging in soft colors of pink, yellow and blue.  With each place setting, I alternated the colors.  The color choices of the napkins were based on the color of my Easter eggs.  I used the egg colors as my inspiration point, trying to implement those same hues throughout the tablescape.

Russell Stover hollow milk chocolate bunnies were placed at the top left-hand corner of each place setting.  Each guest would delight in their own bunny – electing to eat it right after their meal, or … to take it home with them for later consumption. ♥

The table was also adorned with a massive amount of vintage and ceramic bunnies.  They were tucked into small crevices of green grass, and some were placed on crystal trays.  There were even a few that were salt and pepper shakers, adding to the delight of our guests.  Decorative orange carrots were also strategically placed throughout, ensuring that all our bunnies were cared for and well fed!

Tablescapes | Easter | Table Setting with Bunnies

The grand Ferrero Rocher Easter ornaments were a lot of fun to stash in bowls, and to simply have sitting on the table.  They are very large, made out of chocolate, and adorned with a festive green bow.  The gold foil adds a layer of luxury and pairs nicely with the foil-wrapped bunnies!

Fostoria | American | Small Boat | Easter Table Setting

We also served foil-wrapped chocolate Easter eggs as well.  The chocolate Easter eggs were placed in one dish, residing at the end of the table.  This piece – known as the “Small Boat” from the Fostoria American pattern – will easily sail into your heart and home.  With no lid to worry about breaking, it was smooth sailing throughout our Easter celebration.

Choosing the right vase for your flower centerpiece is important. In this case, we wanted our tulips to drape naturally; therefore, a large and tall vase was needed to support their long stems. The vase opening also needed to curve outward at the top to allow the tulips to drape downward. (If you like your tulips standing upright, choose a tall straight-sided vase.) The American 9½” Flared Vase has always been perfect in every way; however, when dressed with flowers … it is simply breathtaking.

Fostoria | American | Vase | Easter Table Setting

Placed around the bottom of the vase was an Easter wreath, totally covered with a variety of pastel-colored eggs.  The wreath was gently placed on top of a circular layer of artificial green grass, encasing the vase of tulips.  If you did not want to use tulips as your centerpiece, another attractive option would be to simply fill an assortment of Easter baskets with decorated eggs.  If you wanted to eliminate a centerpiece all together, a sprinkle of colorful jelly beans on the buffet table would surely be an inexpensive and easy decorating solution.

Tablescapes | Easter | Table Setting with Kings Crown and Fostoria AmericanThe crystal dinner plates are also from the Fostoria American pattern, and each one sat upon a simple white doily.  Ruby-flashed bowls from the Kings Crown pattern were placed on top of the plates, which coordinated beautifully with the vibrant red tulips.

Preparing a beautiful spring tablescape is a wonderful excuse to squelch spring fever.  Hopefully, one of these Easter table setting tips will bring a bit of sunshine to your family’s celebration.  From there, it’s time for Easter bonnets, shiny new shoes … and more time spent outdoors!  Enjoy ♥


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