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Easter Candy Favorites

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Easter Candy Favorites

The thought of spring conjures up happy images like warmer weather, green grasses, egg hunts … and Easter candy favorites. From bunnies, marshmallow treats and a variety of other flavors, we have been fascinated with these sweet treats for decades.  No spring-themed festivity would be complete without them, and put simply – they are just delicious to eat!

Every year I seem to have a case of spring fever, so my personal preference is for small candies that are available in soft, pastel colors.  Smaller-sized treats make for easier filling of baskets and eggs, and for happily perching in tabletop bowls and atop a mixture of assorted plates.

Bunnies are a mainstay during Easter, and the Gold Lindt Mini-Bunnies prove to bring a hint of sunshine to the buffet table. They are relatively easy to find at a local store or online. Beautiful and delicious, they are the perfect mini-size for tucking into a basket or tablescape.  Since chocolate melts easily, we obviously don’t use them for outdoor egg hunts when our Tampa weather is going to be hot and humid. Inside, they look adorable sitting in baskets and bowls – cushioned with plenty of colorful Easter grasses!

Another spring option are brightly colored jelly beans.  One of my favorites are the smaller Brach’s Speckled Jelly Bird Eggs, as they truly look like bird eggs!  They are perfect for building nests – filled with jelly bean “eggs”.  For larger-sized eggs, my go-to-favorites are the Whoppers Easter Robin Eggs.  If you mix the two sizes and flavors of candy together, your edible nest will be more interesting, colorful, and tasteful.

On a recent shopping trip to Target, I found bags of M&M’s Easter Candy, which offer up even more flavor and color choices!  Their small size makes them perfect for pouring into plastic egg holders, or any other small vessel.  I also like to use them in crystal candy dishes, as their beautiful colors shine through … providing a nice and appealing candy presentation.

So, there you have it – some of my most favorite Easter Candy Favorites!  There are a few more I like that did not make the list, and I am sure you have your own favorites as well – but one thing is for sure.  I think we can all agree that you can’t truly experience a traditional Easter celebration without a few of these delicious treats by your side. ♥

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