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DIY Patriotic Wreath

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DIY Patriotic Wreath - perfect as a centerpiece for my Red, White and Blue tablescape.

Making a DIY Patriotic Wreath is so easy.  These type of decorations look wonderful hanging on a door or wall; however, they also look great as centerpieces for the table!  I literally made mine with scraps of garland, yarn, and flowers I had leftover from last year.  I had no plan of how to do it; I simply started with one skimpy piece of garland and proceeded from there.  The end result was a colorful and charming patriotic wreath that we can enjoy for many years to come.

I started with a grapevine wreath, because I was going for a rustic look. I slipped the end of my garland under a branch of the wreath and hot-glued it in place.  (You could also secure it with pins, wire, etc.)  The piece of garland I used was a bit skimpy, as I had taken flowers off it last year for another decorating project. I was not too concerned, as I had a supply of patriotic colored yarn, individual flowers, etc. just sitting in a box.  The beauty of this wreath was that it was made entirely from scraps!

Once I had attached the garland, the wreath looked like this –

DIY Patriotic Wreath - the first step is to attach a string of garland.

I then needed to fill in all the bare areas with an assortment of patriotic elements.  I had scraps of small balls of yarn, in red, white and blue … so I decided to use those.  I also had a few striped flowers, some solid-colored blooms, and a few small bundles of wispy flowers – all in patriotic colors.  I grabbed them all and started to fill in the wreath …

DIY Patriotic Wreath - find some colorful and fun flowers to fill in your wreath.

Some of my favorite finds were these striped flowers that I had saved from last year.  They actually came in one big bundle; therefore, I used pliers and cut each one individually.  If you buy your flowers in bundles … rather than buying individual flowers … your pocketbook will thank you.  I save even more money by buying the garland and flowers after the holiday is over, and can most times buy them for 60 – 75% off.  In fact, that is how I bought the garland, and there are a lot of blooms on a garland!

When I was done filling it in, the wreath looked like this …

♥ DIY Patriotic Wreath - great hanging on the door, or as a table centerpiece.

It’s always fun when a craft project ends up being more than what you expected it to be. My little patriotic wreath, made entirely from scraps, looks great hanging on the door … or as a table centerpiece with a red gingham tablecloth and blue-checked napkins.  I am going to enjoy it both ways this year – for all my patriotic holidays.

And so I must ask you … “What’s in your closet?”  You might have the makings for a terrific DIY wreath – just waiting to come to life!  Open up your imagination (along with a few boxes and closet doors) for one never knows what magic might unfold. 🙂

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