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DIY Green Hutch

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DIY Green Hutch - open styling with beautiful fretwork. Lovely old-world charm, painted with a lovely shade of green ♥

A few years ago I told my husband that I wanted a rather large DIY green hutch for my dishes.  I wanted the design to be mainly open, incorporating vintage and old-world flair.  But most of all, I wanted it painted green … with an aged finish.  After a few awkward seconds, he asked “You want it what color?” At the time he thought I was crazy.  Now, years later … what’s in style? Green hutches!  The point of this Tale is to follow your heart, no matter what.

My husband attentively listened to my wants, as he always does. I gave him the idea, and then he drew out a sketch.  We then asked my brother, Richard, if he would build it for me.  My brother is an expert craftsman and can literally build anything.  Just the fretwork alone would take expert skill and patience.  It was built as two pieces, and is extremely heavy.  A few months thereafter, it was built.  My husband then had the task of painting, staining, and finishing it.  Both the building process, and the finishing process, were no easy tasks.  It took immeasurable time and talent to do both.  But in the end, it turned out perfect.  It is because it was built by my brother, and my husband, that I treasure it more than any other piece of furniture in my entire household.

Beautiful Green Hutch - open design with fretwork, wood-stained backing and an amazing antique finish.

As far as the green color goes, I could not be happier.  It looks simply amazing at Christmas time, and just as beautiful during the other seasons – including Autumn.  I never thought it would blend with an orange-infused tablescape, but it not only blended … it soared with beauty!

I live in Living Color every day … and when I walk into the room where the Hutch is, it puts a smile on my face every time.  How a piece of furniture could magically transform my mood is beyond my comprehension – yet it does.  I am not going to question the magic of it all … instead, I will relish in the soothing calmness it seems to bestow upon me.  I would imagine all the love that was built into the hutch by my brother and husband might be a key factor in this mystery.  This reason alone might make you want to start a similar DIY project.  If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, perhaps a stylish serving of this happy Granny Smith green will prove just as good for you. ♥

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