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DIY Felt Fall Wreath

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DIY Felt Fall Wreath

One of the simple joys of the autumn season is watching the transformation of the landscape turn into a rainbow of breathtaking colors – from deep burgundy to golden browns.  These next few weeks will provide us with rich textures and glorious bounty!  While mother nature is providing us with a front row seat to one of the greatest shows on earth, you can also be providing some magic of your own by creating some easy craft projects worthy of the season.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to merge the beautiful autumn colors into your interior landscape.  Take inventory of your craft closet and see what magic awaits!  If you have an old wreath laying around, why not transform it into a new DIY Felt Fall Wreath?  A combination of autumn colors will ensure a warm welcome for you, your family, and all your guests.  These wreaths also look beautiful on tabletops, sitting on shelves, or hanging on interior walls.

DIY Felt Fall WreathRegarding materials needed, they are very few.  Everything I used came from leftover crafting materials.  I grabbed an old Styrofoam wreath that I was not using, some straight pins, a bottle of felt glue, and a nice mix of colored felt scraps.  Since I was working on a table setting at the time, I let those colors dictate to me what shades of felt to use. These are the materials you will need:

Begin your project by cutting several strips of felt.  I used four different colors of felt; however, you can use more or less based on your personal preference.  I cut each piece about 1½” wide, using pinking shears.  Only one side of each felt strip will need to be cut with pinking shears, as the other side will be covered in the back and not seen.  The length of the strips will vary according to the size of the wreath you are using.  I made mine just long enough to overlap slightly on the back side of the wreath.   I alternated the colors as I worked my way around the wreath – using straight pins.  You will want to secure each piece to the wreath – going through two layers of felt – the one underneath, and the one that overlaps slightly.

Once the entire wreath is wrapped, simply add whatever accents you prefer.  For my wreath, I cut leaf shapes in various colors of felt and stacked them one on top of the other.  I pinned the first one to the wreath with straight pins, and then as I added more layers, I also used a small amount of felt glue to further secure the pieces together.  I topped it all off with a bow made from felt.

Fall Season | DIY Felt Fall WreathWhen complete, the wreath could either be hung with a ribbon, or with a hanger attached on the back.  I did not put a hanger on mine, as I perched the wreath on a shelf in my china cabinet.  It looked wonderful as a vibrant centerpiece, accompanied by lively elements of the season.  I hope this easy DIY Felt Fall Wreath project will serve as your guide for creating some unique and unforgettable treasures during this tranquil and beautiful time of the year.  Enjoy!

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