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Diamond Frost Plant

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Garden | Diamond Frost Plant

Here in Florida, there is always something to do in the garden. Something to do, or something new to discover.  It was this year that I discovered a great new plant, and then later realized that I needed to do something else in the garden … and that was to transplant my new plant from its original potting location.  What great plant is this?  It is the “Diamond Frost” euphorbia plant, and is produces masses amount of tiny, white flowers continually from spring to frost!

When I originally bought my plants, the potential height information was displayed on the plant container; however, I thought it would be fine to plant them in a container with other plants of a similar size.  While that strategy was fine for a couple of weeks, it was soon apparent that I would need to transplant them to a much bigger area.  The plants were exploding in size, and it was obvious they needed much more room than what I was giving them.  I thought the adult plants would reach a height of about 12 inches.  They actually surpassed that height prediction, and some plants are growing upwards to 24 inches!

The small white flowers, combined with the wispiness of the plant, make them a great companion for larger-leaf plants.  The contrast between the white and green foilage is particularly nice.  They will do nicely in a large potting container, and can also be placed in the ground.  I have now done both, with great success!  You can plant them in full sun to partial shade, and if we don’t have a frost during the winter, I am hoping that they will continue to bloom non-stop.  They don’t require a lot of maintenance, just a slight hair cut every now and again to keep them looking neat and tidy.

I thank my lucky stars that our paths crossed.  I could not ask anything more from a plant – from its beauty to its low maintenance.  All in all, I am very thrilled with the Diamond Frost euphorbia.

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