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Decorating with Old Glassware

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Home Decor | Decorating with Old Glassware

It was a late Saturday afternoon, and we were treasure hunting. Buried deep in a dark and dirty corner … sat this dusty and somewhat inconsequential basket. It looked sad, and the sight of it broke my heart. It looked like it had been in prison for years, and just wanted to come out into the light once again. I took it home and cleaned it up. Just take a look at it now! Proud as a Peacock, it now glistens throughout my day and adds a much needed pop of color!

One thing to keep in mind when decorating your home is that it is perfectly fine to mix the old with the new.  In my experience, the end result is so much more fun and interesting than if everything was new – or everything was old.  It is the combination of these two periods that produces an intriguing and vivid experience – both for you, and your guest.

Decorating with Old Glass | This beautiful green basket makes a terrific "Pot of Gold".And, quite honestly, sometimes you will be surprised with the final results.  While I had no idea on what I would do with an old and dirty green basket I had found hidden in a dark corner of an antique store, I knew it was worth rescuing. After a good bath, it was not long before I knew exactly what purpose it was going to have.  It nows reigns supreme as the ultimate “Pot of Gold” centerpiece for my upcoming St. Patrick’s Day tablescape. ♥

I am not sure who the maker of the green glass basket is, but would surely like to know.  Most of the other patterned glassware in this picture is from the Fostoria American pattern.  The gold-rimmed glassware was another great find at a local thrift shop.

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