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Creative Decorating Behind the Stove

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Creative Decorating Behind the Stove

Here is the scenario.  You love to cook; however, the area behind your stove-top is boring.  There is no window – no view – just a blank wall staring back at you.   What is a non-conforming woman to do?

I cook every day, so I found myself starring at this blank wall a little too often.  My mind needed a place to escape to while I was mundanely stirring the pot.  The wall acted like a fence, keeping me confined.  I wanted out!  I also wanted color and texture … but more importantly, I needed something that would withstand the perils that this area of the kitchen would be exposed to.

The area behind the stove top is exposed to a variety of elements – from high humidity to a wide range of temperatures.  Steam accumulates in this area, so it is absolutely essential that whatever decorating piece you put there has to be able to handle the moisture, spills and high temperatures.

Hector, where art thou?  With the help of my husband, we came up with a winning solution.  I like the look and feel of Italy, so with that thought in mind, I asked my better half if he would paint a landscape for me.  The rest is history.

As you can see above, his masterpiece is a unique and beautiful way to decorate the space behind your stove.  It is protected with a thick finish, so it wipes up easily for the occasional spill or splatter.  It looks just as nice as the day he painted it a few years ago.  Once the painting was done, he framed it out with narrow tile trim.  In the evening, the two hood lights shine the spotlight on this stunning masterpiece.

While I like to think my cooking is the main attraction in our kitchen, I gladly step aside for the praise and compliments that are bestowed upon this beautiful (and often overlooked) area of the kitchen.

Put your imagination (and/or significant other) to work today.  I just know there is another masterpiece waiting to be discovered.

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