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Cuban Buttercup

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Flowers | Cuban Buttercup

The Cuban Buttercup, or Turneria ulmifolia, is a cheerful and colorful perennial that sprouts up in our yard every year.  We bought one plant several years ago, and ever since we have had new plants popping up in different areas of the landscape.  It loves to grow wild, and reseeds itself with extreme ease!  The Cuban Buttercup is very easy to maintain, and loves our Tampa heat.  Bearing a bright yellow hue, it typically blooms from March through November.

This beautiful shrub is a long-lived perennial that not only works in your outdoor landscape, but also in a sunny container sitting on your patio or porch.  While it does love the heat, it is sensitive to cold or freezing temperatures.  Even so, we always have new plants sprouting up every year.  They also make excellent filler plants for containers, requiring minimal care and pruning.

  • Height:  2 ft – 3 ft
  • USDA Zones:  9-11
  • Drought Tolerance:  Very good.
  • Soil Moisture:  Well-drained to medium.
  • Light:  It flourishes in sun, but will tolerate partial shade.
  • Fertilization:  It doesn’t really need any, as it adapts to most soil types.

Gardening | Perennial All-Stars BookIf you are not sure whether the Cuban Buttercup is a good choice for your climate, you might consider researching other perennial choices that are described in this book, “Perennial All-Stars:  The 150 Best Perennials for Great-Looking, Trouble-Free Gardens”.

There is a perennial for every type of garden, whether you have wet or dry soil, or you have direct sun or shade.  Perennial All-Stars is an excellent gardening resource; helpful for those folks seeking great-looking and trouble-free gardening!

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