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Why You Need a Cookie Scoop

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Kitchen Tools | Why you need a cookie scoop!

If you like to bake cookies, then you really need a Cookie Scoop! Why?  Because using a quality scoop will create cookies that are the same size, ensuring even and consistent baking results.  They will transform into bake-shop quality showstoppers – worthy of gifting.  With just a scoop, squeeze, and release … you will be making dozens of delicious morsels in no time.  A Cookie Scoop is one of those kitchen tools that you will actual use – over, and over again!

Another added bonus of owning a Cookie Scoop is that is can be used for many other things.  It is truly a multi-tasker – creating perfectly proportioned meatballs, muffins, and more.  They are also wonderful for making beautiful balls of ice cream, melon and sorbet.

Just think of all the time (and mess) you will be saving by using a Cookie Scoop.  Pick a quality design – preferably with stainless steel, so that it will last for many productive years.  Choose from one of these assorted Cookie Scoops to find one that pleases you.  Soon, you will be baking cookies in record time!

Happy baking, and here is a delicious cookie recipe to help get you started. 🙂

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