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Color Your Grill Tongs for Food Safety

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Color Your Grill Tongs for Food Safety

If you are handling raw meat, poultry or seafood, then it would make good sense to use one set of grilling tongs for that one task.  Once all your food is cooked, then a different set of tongs should be used for serving and picking it up off the grill.

If you already own two sets of tongs, you could simply wrap red tape around the tongs you use for raw meat.  Raw meat = red = stop.  Use another color tape – or marker – around the second set of tongs that you use for food that is fully cooked.  I like to use green; however, you could use any color you like.   Cooked food = green = “go” get it.  Check out these “kool” touch colored tongs that won’t radiate the heat to your fingertips!

The reason I like nylon and/or silicone tips is that they grip the food better.  Be sure to purchase tongs that are long enough for safety concerns, but short enough for easy handling.  I think the 12-inch size is perfect; anything less than that gets my hand too close to the grill.   Grilled Finger Kebabs are not on the menu!

Just another tip – Hot off the Grill.

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