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Using Coffee Filters as Glass Cushions

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New Uses for Everyday Items | Coffee Filters as Glass Cushions

It is always nice when you can find new uses for everyday items.  Recently, as I was washing a variety of different glassware, I began to experiment with different types of cleaning cloths.  I brought out a stack of coffee filters, for I had heard that they were fantastic at leaving a lint-free finish.  After working with them for several minutes, I soon realized that they were good for something totally unrelated to cleaning glass.  Coffee filters make great glass cushions!

As I cleaned one glass after another, it wasn’t long before I ran out of counter space.  While I don’t typically recommend stacking glassware, especially those with intricate and delicate designs, there are times when I know it might be necessary.  If you find yourself in such a situation, proceed with caution – and use some type of layered protection.  This is when the coffee filters came into play.  This time; however, they were being used as glass cushions!

Coffee Filters as Glass CushionsCoffee filters are very pliable, with a soft and lint-free texture.  Easily fitting and shaping into a variety of different-sized glassware, they give us the layered protection that we need. They are extremely easy to work with, and no cutting with scissors is needed! In addition to glassware, they are also perfect for coffee mugs, bowls, and an assortment of different plates.  I have found that the 8-inch coffee filters handle most of my cushioning needs with ease.

FYI, did you know that they actually produce stackable glassware? If you are lucky enough to own these type of dishes, then cushioning is obviously not needed!

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