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How to Clean Pleated Lampshades

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Household Chores | How to Clean Pleated Lampshades

Lampshades can sometimes be difficult to dust, especially if they are pleated.  While a vacuum with a dusting-brush attachment will certainly work, I have found a much simpler solution.  It is not as cumbersome as using a vacuum, and most people already have one sitting in their toolbox – a clean paint brush.  I have found a lightweight paint brush can accomplish wonders when cleaning off lampshades, blinds, computer equipment, carved furniture, and more!

The beauty of using a clean paint brush to dust your pleated lampshades is simple – it is lightweight to hold, easy to get the bristles in every nook and cranny, and is very fast to use.  Brush downward from the top of the shade.  I usually do it over an open sink or a piece of paper to catch all the dust as it falls down.  Once you have brushed all the dust off the entire shade, go around the bottom rim of the lampshade to remove any residue that fell into the seam binding (if you have a bottom seam).

Household Chores | How to Clean Pleated Lampshades

Another cleaning tool that I find helpful is a compressed gas duster.  They can reach areas where normal hand dusting is impossible.  Just like a paint brush that can get in all the little crevices of a pleated lampshade, a gas duster will take it one step further.  If you find that you have not dusted or cleaned your lampshades in quite some time, there might be packed areas of dust that your paint brush can’t seem to clean.  Alas, a couple of squeezes from a gas duster will have your dust bunnies flying in no time!

Remember, all you need is a paint brush and a gas duster to make your dusting chores a whole lot easier!

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