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Cleaning Faucets with Shaving Cream

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Cleaning Faucets with Shaving Cream

Hard water spots on chrome fixtures are just plain ugly. Really, do you know anyone that enjoys seeing those white, grayish spots on an otherwise spotless faucet?  Even when the faucet is clean, if the water spots are there – it somehow still looks dirty.

While I usually shine chrome fixtures with a Windex-type spray, I thought I would do a test with another product … shaving cream. Shaving cream shines chrome with an impressive result.  It really works!

I decided to try my experiment with Barbasol shaving cream.  Why?  My husband uses this brand for shaving, so I thought this would be as good to use as any.  You can “probably” use any quality shaving cream out there on the market and get the same results as I did.  I don’t know for sure since I only used this brand for my test.  Try the one that you have at home and see if it works.  If it’s a quality one; it probably will.  (By the way, I don’t work for Barbasol, nor am I getting paid by them to write this article.)

Barbasol Shaving CreamI applied the shaving cream to the chrome faucet.  This particular product of Barbasol is “thick and rich”, and that did prove to be a characteristic I liked.  When I applied it to the chrome, it was so thick that it really hung on and did not run all over the place.  I was spared a nasty and potentially runny mess.

I did not have to wait and let it sit for a few minutes (like other cleaners) and the product went right where I wanted it – on the faucet and in all the little crevices. With a dampened sponge, I rubbed the shaving cream all over the faucet. There was no hard wiping or scrubbing of any kind; it literally glided with ease.

All of a sudden, it occurred to me.  Where are all the fumes and those nasty toxic odors? There were none!  We all know how strong bathroom cleaners can be, and this process completely eliminated inhaling toxic chemicals.  The shaving cream smelled so refreshing.  After all, it’s made for your face, so it should smell wonderful.

Lastly, I took a paper towel and gently polished the entire faucet.  It took mere seconds. Another thing worth mentioning – since  shaving cream is non-irritating to skin, I did not need to use plastic gloves.  I can’t make that statement regarding the usage of other cleaners.  I think I now understand why my hubby likes to use this on his face!

Cleaning Faucets with Shaving Cream - Before and AfterClean Faucets with Shaving Cream - Before and AfterMy conclusion is this – shaving cream really does polish chrome beautifully! Just take a look at the “before” and “after” photos and judge for yourself.

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