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DIY Green Hutch

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DIY Green Hutch - open styling with beautiful fretwork. Lovely old-world charm, painted with a lovely shade of green ♥

A few years ago I told my husband that I wanted a rather large DIY green hutch for my dishes.  I wanted the design to be mainly open, incorporating vintage and old-world flair.  But most of all, I wanted it painted green … with an aged finish.  After a few awkward seconds, he asked “You want it what… Read more

Fall Decorating – Bringing it Indoors

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Fall Decorating - a harvest basket brings the beauty of Fall into your home.

Bringing in the elements of the wondrous outdoors is a decorating technique that I often use in my own home.  By doing so, I can truly enjoy all the simple virtues of the Fall season. I find the sight of falling leaves extremely calming, the robust autumn hues invigorating, and the scents of harvest bounty tempting.  When the cool mist of… Read more

Laundry Organization – Toss and Run

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Laundry Organization - Baskets

What was our need?  It was simple.  We needed laundry organization that allowed for easy “tossing” of dirty clothes into designated laundry baskets – without the soiled clothes hitting the back wall and going behind the washer and dryer.  Therefore, we needed shelving that extended to the back wall, and the baskets needed to be… Read more

Baseball Cap Storage and Organization

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Baseball Cap Storage

I’ve recently been organizing and cleaning out our master bedroom closet, and am so happy about some of the ideas that I implemented.  One of my favorites was finding a way to store and organize my hubby’s baseball hats.  It was so easy, and my husband even thought the concept was pretty “cool”.  It did… Read more

Shower Without a Shiver

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Living in Tampa, I realize that our weather does not get as cold as some of our northern neighbors. When the temperature does take a nose dive, something as simple as stepping out of the shower can turn me into a RFD (Reluctant Funky Dancer.)  As I make my reluctant entrance onto the bathroom floor… Read more

Decorating with Fall Colors

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Fall Decorating - Toss a throw on the sofa

The fall and harvest season is now upon us, and growing up in Virginia allowed me to experience this bountiful time in all it’s glory! When I moved to Florida many autumns ago, it only took me one year to realize that all seasons are not created equal.  I was determined to still have my “Fall Season”… Read more