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National Chocolate Cake Day

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National Chocolate Cake Day | Some of the best things in life come straight out of the oven!

January 27th is National Chocolate Cake Day!  It probably is not a holiday most folks know about, but it certainly is one that you can sink your teeth into.  Pictured in this post is Hershey’s “Perfectly Chocolate” Chocolate Cake, with “Perfectly Chocolate” Chocolate Frosting, covering every delicious inch of it. Both the cake, and the frosting, is… Read more

Crock Pot Hot Chocolate

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Crock Pot Hot Chocolate – the only way I make it is in a slow cooker these days. This was not always the case, as I used to make it on the stove-top.  Without a doubt, the slow cooker version produces the most creamy and delicious hot chocolate I have ever tested – hands down.  I… Read more

Twinkie Valentines Heart

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Valentines Heart - possibly the world's easiest DIY Food Heart. Made with a Twinkie!

Easiest DIY food heart! Literally … unwrap two Twinkies … cut each one diagonally … and place them together. How easy is that?  The outside packaging of the Twinkie has a design with little red hearts on it, so if you don’t want to unwrap the Twinkie before serving you could simply serve them “as is”.  Put them… Read more

St. Patrick’s Day Tablescape

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St. Patrick's Day Tablescape

Saint Patrick’s Day is a holiday that I feel is under-valued by most.  My hubby and I went shopping for some Irish decor over the weekend and were amazed over the lack of it.  Most stores (and we went to plenty) had few decorations … if any.  We both looked at each other and exclaimed… Read more

Sweethearts Conversation Hearts

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Sweethearts Conversation Hearts | Valentines Day | Sometimes it is the simplest of messages that hold the sweetest of memories.

Sometimes the sweetest and simplest of messages produce the best results. Last year I wrote out a simple message to my husband with Sweethearts candy. I left it for him to see first thing in the morning. When I awoke an hour later, I was surprised (and speechless) on what he had done.  What could… Read more