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Valentines Day

Alstroemeria Flower and Plant

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Alstroemeria Flower and Plant

Alstroemeria (al-str-MEAR-ee-ah) is often referred to as the Peruvian Lily, Lily of the Incas, or Parrot Lily.  It is a genus of flowering plants in the family Alstroemeriaceae.  They are all native to South America, although some have become naturalized in the United States and other countries. While Alstroemeria was originally grown primarily for the… Read more

Fostoria Sunray Ruby – Handled Nappy, Flared

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Fostoria | Sunray | Ruby | Handled Nappy, Flared

The Fostoria Glass Company produced a beautiful glass pattern, called Sunray, in the mid-1930’s.  With gorgeous ribs, ridged edges, and intricate handles – it offers the savvy hostess an opportunity to set a formal table with a tailored look.  The 2510 Sunray pattern has an Art Deco look, and is one of my most favorite… Read more

Valentine’s Day Treat Bags

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DIY Craft | Valentine's Day Treat Bags

There are so many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and this simple DIY project is one of them!  Making up your own Valentine’s Day Treat Bags is simple to do, and is a fantastic project that you can enjoy with your family and friends.  I already had about half of the supplies I needed from leftover… Read more

Valentine’s Day Heart Mason Jars

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DIY | Valentine's Day | Heart Mason Jars

Seriously, I don’t know what could be easier or more precious than this adorable DIY craft for Valentine’s Day!  Recently inspired from different projects I saw on the internet, I decided to give this cute project a try.  They turned out so much better than I ever imagined.  They were made with no glue and came together in… Read more

Valentine’s Day Tablescape

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Valentine's Day | Tablescape | Feeling the love ♥

When friends and family gather around a table set with linens and dishware in shades of pink, red, green … and neutral hues of ivory and beige, the atmosphere is almost guaranteed to be sweet.  This cottage tablescape is perfect for Valentine’s Day, or any other sweet occasion you might imagine. Hutches and other wood… Read more

Twinkie Valentines Heart

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Valentines Heart - possibly the world's easiest DIY Food Heart. Made with a Twinkie!

Easiest DIY food heart! Literally … unwrap two Twinkies … cut each one diagonally … and place them together. How easy is that?  The outside packaging of the Twinkie has a design with little red hearts on it, so if you don’t want to unwrap the Twinkie before serving you could simply serve them “as is”.  Put them… Read more

Raspberry Valentine Heart

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Raspberry Valentine Heart

To wake up on Valentine’s Day and be greeted by a heartfelt message is one of the loveliest ways to start a day.  A sweet gesture it is, indeed, and it does not need to be complicated or expensive. If you want your loved one to be greeted with something healthy on Valentine’s Day, as opposed to something full… Read more

Sweethearts Conversation Hearts

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Sweethearts Conversation Hearts | Valentines Day | Sometimes it is the simplest of messages that hold the sweetest of memories.

Sometimes the sweetest and simplest of messages produce the best results. Last year I wrote out a simple message to my husband with Sweethearts candy. I left it for him to see first thing in the morning. When I awoke an hour later, I was surprised (and speechless) on what he had done.  What could… Read more